Traditional advertising methods for mass media have existed for generations. While ads are still useful, they reach fewer people than in years past. Businesses can adapt to this change by using less direct forms of promotions, like influencer marketing. Whether it’s for cannabis lifestyle products or anything else, here are four benefits you should know when considering influencer marketing.

Generate Relevant Leads Without Pushy Ads

The rise of the internet and on-demand content has changed the way people consume media and, vicariously, advertisements. It’s not just that people spend less time watching TV ads. Many people online make an active effort to avoid traditional ads, like popups, banners, and pre-roll videos. Giving your product to a social media influencer and having them talk about your brand embeds your marketing into content that people are going to watch and that can’t be avoided with ad blockers. Having a social media influencer promote your brand is a less pushy form of advertising which can generate more relevant leads from people in your target demographic who don’t see your other forms of advertising. Top Tree Agency is experienced with pairing business with cannabis lifestyle social media influencers who have the attention of your ideal customer. Using our strategy can help your brand benefit from the halo effect of your marketing campaign.

Increase Brand Awareness and Improve Reputation

One of the most important functions of marketing and advertising is to increase brand awareness and improve the reputation of the brand. Influencer marketing is an effective way to accomplish both of these goals. Merely having a well-known person on Instagram or YouTube mention your product can increase awareness of your brand with millions of viewers. Even if the viewers don’t buy the product immediately, the increased name recognition will influence their decision when your product is among the choices in their selection.

Influencer marketing also benefits the reputation of the brand, because the consumers associate the brand with supporting their favorite social media stars. And in an era where people are more skeptical of the reviews they see on shopping portals, the endorsement from a social media celebrity that they trust is more valuable than the product’s rating on platforms like Amazon.

Reach Target Audiences Where They Spend the Most Time

Before the rise of high-quality online video, advertisers could be relatively sure of the times when their target demographic was going to be in front of their television. However, with so many choices for entertainment in the modern day, it’s harder to reach everyone in your target audience with a single magic bullet. Influencer marketing has the advantage of reaching your target audience on the platforms they use the most and with a format that is available on demand. For example, if you give a cannabis lifestyle product to a social media influencer, the material they create will be available to all of their fans whenever they decide to view the content. You don’t have to worry about finding the right time slot; the viewer does that for you.

Creates More Materials for Content Marketing Strategy

A side benefit of influencer marketing is that it can help a brand’s content marketing and SEO strategy. Getting well-known people on social media to create content with your product creates more places online where search engines can see your text and company website. Content marketing is essential for sealing the deal when people are deciding on your product. Whenever someone searches for your product online, they will be likely to find your official content or something created by a social media influencer. Just seeing your product in videos other than the ones produced by your company gives your product more credibility. And if your product has a defining feature, getting people to test it on social media is the perfect way to prove your claims to a skeptical consumer.

There are a lot of ways that a savvy marketer can use influencer marketing to reach their target audience and increase the profitability of a brand. If you want to learn more about what influencer marketing can do for your business, talk to the experts at Top Tree Agency. We specialize in helping cannabis lifestyle product manufacturers reach their target audience through highly-targeted marketing campaigns.